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Dreaming of Friday

Mid afternoon everyone

I had my nieces and nephews over and it was nice. Everyone is gone now. Im here til next Wed then off to DC. I have my laptop plug , which I forgot to tell you all so im back to regular. Anywhoo what are you doing today? What are you doing the weekend? I am off school well technically not off but dont have to have everything in on certian days. I can have it done on one day by Tuesday, so im takin my time. I havent did a thing yet lol. I am getting ready for Miami, I tell you March will be here before you know it. So here are some things I found intresting or found in general this week.

Hotel I wish I picked to stay in March

Dress that I really want. I may can fit it.

Aybo-Li is my boy kitten, this is how he looked as a baby.

Found a traveling backpack my my laptop.

My nieces and nephews loved a great anime movie that is a classic. I forgot it was in Japanese so I put the subtitles on and they enjoyed reading it. I was in shock last night. We watched it after playing DDR for two hours lol . The moive is called My Neighbor Totoro

Have a great weekend!

I got my hair done yesterday! lol


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