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My drink diaries: Winter Favorites

Hey everyone! 

Its that time of year again, and while im still on a hunt for a coat ( Which i just found one!) I need something to sip while im doing so. Since im city know I have a few up my sleeve, and only drink around this time either because it doesn't come to mind or the people who made it for me are around and now I finally remember to ask them how to make it. The first is a Spanish favorite. My cousin just puts a twist to it and I love her for that. *shout out to my cousin Isabel* Please take notes share it wit friends and family.

1.Coquito- It is a Spanish egg nog.

  • condensed milk-the little carnation milk cans 
  • Can milk- the same brand just the milky kind
  • coconut milk
  • carnation good start baby powder. ( like a scoop or two) *yes i said baby milk lol*
  • the brand Malibu 
  • egg yolk 
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
Mix together again add to your taste. You will enjoy it. I kid you not. I have it every-time I go to family houses in NYC *nods* For someone who lactose intolerant like me I just have an organic egg in mine. So i will get a whole picture to my self lol. 

2. Hot Tottie-This is a new one for me within the past 2 years. I had received it when I was sick,now I love it. Dont wait to get sick to have it!

  • Bourbon
  • Lemon juice
  • Honey
  • Hot water
I think it beats threaflu anytime, you will look forward to sick days and long hot/cold showers lol

3. Berry slushie- I noe it may have a technical name . I seriously have no idea and I dont think the person who makes it knows. So ill keep it at my name lol. Its a summer take but with a winter twist: Alcohol.

  • vodlka
  • lemon juice
  • tipple sec
  • any sour liqueur
Then mix with ice and put a scoop of shaved ice inside of it. Ah the summer times. gotta love it! lol 
So I help these three helped you. I hope you can share some with me. If I try new ones i'll be sure to let you know. 

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Erika said…
I always wondered what a Hot Tottie was - I LOVE the name! :)
yes me too its very refined but great when you are sick

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