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Dreaming of Friday

Hey everyone!

Omi goodness I forgot to do my dreaming of Friday on that day. I was busy thats what it was! But here I am making it up! These are the things I ran into this week. What did you do this weekend? I feel a bit under the weather so I drug this week. I am heading back to Dc in two days so ive been trying to get it together. Have a great remainder of your weekend.

I am in love with this dress, got my size and all. Thats the type dresses I wear the mod, shift dress it fits my figure. *nods* moving on.

Do you grocery shop online? I do have a look and see. 

Have you seen the latest number of the jobless rate ?

Look what I want to get for my kittens

More stuff from Ikea

If you know me I am into graffiti heres a book I want. 

I found some nice graffiti of NYC this from 5 pointz its the graffiti haven I heard they will be closing I hope not or at least make another. I enjoyed going and making graffiti there. 

Until next Friday...

got my makeup done at sephora after a blog i read. Its urban decay make-up . whats sad I am allergic to a lot of make up. Im just now free of it. lol It took a long time come off. 


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