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Dreaming of Friday

Hey everyone
I was so busy last week settling in (dc) I forgot to do this post, im so sorry so I guess i owe you this one and one tomoro lol i promise to do so. Here are some cool things I ran into in the past two weeks or so. Have a look...oh and what did u do last weekend? I had a wonderful weekend spending time with someone dear to me. hes a bit mad at me atm (we had a falling out) but I enjoyed the movie wit him and eating out and all of that great stuff.

Great tasting cookies that are everywhere I shop. Have a taste!!

Recepies for tequila that i am not afraid of.....

song that means a lot.

laptop that im drooling over.

Prada shoes.....

NYE party im invited to.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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