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Dreaming of Friday

Late Night All

I almost forgot! Sorry a lot has been going on today. I am just getting settled and now I can sit and chat a bit. So what are you doing this weekend? I am going to a fashion show 2moro ; my niece and nephew will be in it.! I am a very proud aunt. More like a mommy/aunt. lol Id rather mommy someone eles kids than have my own to do that too lol. Anywhoo ill have a blog about that. I have giant rollers in my head, to have that glamours look . Yeah ima look so...differnt than the other folks there. I want it that way. My niece will be looking Japanese I already got her all ready. Its more of a Harajuku look. Her hair will look nice. Her parents will trip and I will laugh. I am kinda sad cus I was suppose to dress her too, but only got to do accessories. -_-; oh well. Well have a great weekend. Here are things around the web....

I want this painting

New Japanese Nail updates

Gorillaz song that is my ringtone.

My next hotel adventure......ALONE......*ahem * sorrwie someone has made me a bit upset tonight.

Nice things to do on a rainy day in New York City

Alright have a great rainy night......

Thanks to for the pic.


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