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Dreaming of Friday

Hey everyone!

Well im glad I have time to do this today. I have bad news, my grandmother passed away this week. It was very very sudden and it has taken everyone a back. It wasnt surppose to happen. But now all we can do is stick together and remember good things about her. My kittens were her grandkittens cute huh? so they have made her a card ( w/help) of course. So you can guess its going to be a frantic weekend. I know you all are getting ready for the holidays. Have a great one , and here are some cool things I found around the web.

 I love the cooking tv series " food jammers" they are three cool dudes from Canada and they cook using contraptions that they have made themselves. One of the three wrote a cool article. Have a lookie! (hes my fav out the three lol) 

I am not a fan of mushrooms, but I have two I like and heres a Blog about it. ( From Whole Foods)

I found a cool article about cool things to do in NYC if you are a Nerd, I have taken note of this.

I am a huge fan of Jpop and Kpop I found a nice article on the up coming Kpop in 2012

I am making this for the wake .....

Okay hope you enjoyed have a great weekend! and heres a pic of my grandmother. Have a safe holiday.


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