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Fun treats : Manhattan Rockefeller Center.

Early afternoon sleep heads, 

So I checked my email today and I had the surprise of pics! My niece sent some. She went to the ice skating ring / and saw the big tree in Rockefeller Center.  Then thoughts of no coat made me so glad that she got to snap pics. Better here than me lol I so have to get a coat this week...maybe that explains why i am sick...... lol She was nice enough to give me something to ramble on about. Have you ever been? I have a few times. I am not a ice skater.  The tree is huge. And did I mention it is cold . I like the atmosphere only! I am glad she got to spend it with her two friends. Now lets get strait up geek here (finds big rim glasses)

 Fun Fact: Rockefeller is the oil typhoon of the early 20th century. He owned it all and always went against his rival Carnegie. Hence thats why there is a Carnegie Hall in NYC. He as an steel tycoon. They were two peas in a pod. They ran their monopolies and got things named after them. That was the 1900s for you .

 If you ever do something in New York in the winter other than go to all the cool rooftop parties ( that im invited to in Jan)  and try the list of winter drinks I give you in my special drink blog series go visit this , it is very nice. It being cold makes it better also. Though the weather is weird today. Enjoy.

My niece she looks cold glad it wasnt me.....
My niece(in the middle) and her friends, very nice.
 More lights.....
 Now thats a tree! I wonder how much the light bill is. Green folks I hope they are green bulbs....

Dead give away that its Rockefeller Center

 Never will be me lol hate skating.

 I want to take one home...
oooooo lit up tree dont u wanna eat it looks like candy...


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