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May Wants

Dreaming of Friday

Happy Friday , ive had a week full of work im accomplished now. So what will you do this weekend? I have some home working and stuff to catch up on since ive been down here in southern va cleaning my grandparents house out. I have a lot to do this year thats coming fast. Like graduation and moving to a cool eff. in DC with my bratty kittens lol. So lets make this year the best with a good first Dreaming of Friday of the year. What will you do this weekend? This is what I ran into this week.

A cool place to take care of your luggage

This pretty gown is in my size idk if it will fit in the front though. Its at one of my fav stores

We have this shop in Dc who knew it sold woman clothing, I know men who shop there.

How I miss shopping at the Asian Supermarkets. I need this cooked rice that im addicted too. Also my fav kimchi which is sold at whole foods and other places (mother n law kimchi) is on sale!

I also need one of these , a defiant Spa Treatment ima ask my friend will he take me.

ps join HT use my code! we both get credits!

Until next week......take life a day at a tine.

Niece and nephew at their fashion show last Dec (I bought momo the bracelet!!!)


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