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Dreaming Of Friday

Hey everyone!(note: i had this published on the wrong blog! i couldnt find it lol)
I am a bit late I know I just finished at 13 1/2 page paper. I think I write too much lol. I was told that I dont write as much as I used to do on my blogs. I realized and learned that blogs are a combination of pics and writing. It isnt like an article or like a strict picture site. Its a mix, so thats what I have done better over the years what do you think? It will be four years soon, I have to have a party and yes ill have a post I can promise you that one, its the same time as two other things that changed my life so I will keep you informed. Hopefully a hurricaine isnt around like last year! So what are you doing the weekend? I am doing final touches to projects beacuse next week is the last week for school , its easy this week was all the due prodjects and now im done just some other stuff. I noe a lot. This is what I found around the web. Due to the fact that I restarted my computer and lost my bookmarks again! I am not oh well.

Shoes and bodysuit Id love to wear to Miami

Bodysuit that is also nice.

Look what membership I love !!

I love this picture ( you can tell shes from ny her style!!!)

After all of this is over and im back in DC I am going to pamper myself. good thing i have points on my Ritz Calton Rewards I will need it....

Maybe I will do these things with my hair

Have a great weekend!


Minted Magazine said…
ooo we totally support your decision to pamper yourself :)

Minted Magazine
indeed i will after all of the chaos.

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