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Hey all

I have ad news again, yesterday my cousin die, he was 21 years old. He was fighting an illness and I feel better now that he is not suffering. I will be heading to New York sooner than planned its very heartbreaking. My lil cousin and I were very close. I am happy its over but sad that it is on a bad note. I am happy im goin home earlier than usual but not the circumstance. So I am figuring of getting a hotel to stay in,I think ive had enough family bonding for a year. This is the third death from april of last yr til now. its a lot. So what are you doing this weekend? I hope to get picks for you get my hair done and go to the Japaneses book store to clear my mind. For my coffee blog readers ill have a post from there.  I found a lot things this week around the web.

A site dedicated to Japanese Hairstlyes

My Travel Advisor profile

Im not a fan of chocolat but I am of coffee and these Brownies got me. 

A treat for myself, this hotel has free bike rentals as part of your stay so going in August.

restaurant we are going to.

Hotel Rooms for a $1 until April, you know we are in the next go around of quick booking.

I am in love with this gown

until next week!


Erika said…
I am so, so sorry to hear about your loss. My prayers are with you and your family right now. :)
awe thank you so much.we need it.

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