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Cloudy Afternoon Everyone

I love the days when its cloudy because its going to rain!. I have a little cold , so Ill make this as short as I can lol I talk too much. Okay so I got caught up on these sites to find my pictures again. I just redid my laptop, an update is that I didnt loose any of my bookmarks! I had chrome sync feature on (thanks google) *bows* anywhoo this blog about a cool feature I have been overlooking since I registered my VIC card which is for Harris Teeter. Lots of people do not know that this store is a specialty store. At times you may not can get to whole foods or the Asian super market, or YES! organic  and this is on the list of the next best thing. (speaking for myself) and like Every two weeks I get the weekly special but I didnt notice that A. they take what you always buy because its on your vic card. and B. You can make a grocery list and print it. And thats what I did. I am hopefully going tomorrow,so we will see. My phone trackball is being annoyin and not workin ill see if i can get pics. (need a nikon!) anywho heres my list! I was geekin out makin it and printing it lol
Your personal Harris Teeter shopping list, created Wed Jan 18 13:41:46 EST 2012
Prices valid until 2012-01-24

---  Department: Produce  -------------------------------------------

   1 - Peruvian Sweet Onions [Farmers Market]
     $1.49 lb

   1 - Hot Kim Chee [14 oz]

   1 - Chilean Cherries [Farmers Market]
     $4.99 lb

   1 - USA Bok Choy or Nappa Cabbage
       Note: bok choy
     $1.49 lb

   1 - Nasoya Tofu [9-14 ounce]

   1 - Large Honeydew Melons

   2 - Pom Pomegranate Juice [48 oz]

   1 - Large Red Onions
     $1.49 lb

---  Department: Deli  ----------------------------------------------

   4 - Pomegranate, Peach or Raspberry Tea [59 oz- Fresh Foods Market]

   1 - Parrano Cheese [Fresh]
     $9.99 lb

---  Department: Bakery & Baked Goods  ------------------------------

   1 - La Brea French and Sourdough Loaves [16 ounce]

---  Department: Meat - Fresh  --------------------------------------

   1 - Shoulder Lamb Chops [USDA Choice- American]
     $5.97 lb

---  Department: Seafood  -------------------------------------------

   1 - Maine Blue Mussels [2 lb Bag- Fresh]
       Note: and oysters

---  Department: Grocery  -------------------------------------------

   1 - Colavita Pasta [16 oz - Selected Varieties]

   1 - Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal [12.4 ounce]

---  Department: Frozen  --------------------------------------------

   1 - H.T. Traders Vanilla Cream Puffs [13.2 ounce]

   1 - Edy's Ice Cream Cups [6 oz- Slow Churned]

---  Department: Dairy  ---------------------------------------------

   1 - Tropicana Orange Juice [59 oz, Limit 2 at e-VIC Member Price of $2.77]

   1 - Harris Teeter Shredded Cheese [8 ounce]

---  Department: Soft Drinks & Beverages  ---------------------------

   3 - Harris Teeter Cola or Ginger Ale [2 Liter]

Thank you for shopping Harris Teeter.

Until next post.
 ps. speaking of post, they are serious about the law on blocking online. I say you are grown you know what to look at , go online do what you are there for . If theres childern block these sites, they have these features to help. Everything in life is used for good and bad, people just have to be responsible about it. I love blogging and such and I go to school online I use it for good. here check out my newly updated Pinintrest. xoxoxo


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