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Hey Everyone!

I know I missed a dreaming of Friday so I will be doing that next. I thought I would be able to but last Friday was the funeral of my younger cousin and I was so overwhelmed I didnt even realized it would stop me from posting. It was a great service, there were 500 people! it was a cold NYC evening. I was so happy to be back home but  it was horrible on the reason why. I was so put together and I even wrote him a letter that his father ( my first cousin ) read. I put is as anonymous didnt want anyone to know. Everyone clapped I was so sad it was all such a blur. Only a few people knew who it was everyone is still speaking of it. But thats out secret.

So in better news, I started school again! Grad School is a drag!!!! So much work ah my gosh! I have managerial accounting DUH DUH DUMMMMMM!! but I have good news, no excel there are just exercise I do via a program the school has so eh go figure. Ah I have a seminar at 9 sheesh just remember. I am so overwhelmed my week of school didnt even phase me I was so busy traveling and grieving I didnt rest. oh my ....Any whoo I am just catching you up on me. I hope all well will go forward after this. Its going well for family members of mine. My sis n law just got approved and is moving in her new apartment with her cat! I am so happy for her. Just came back for her signing the papers. I got starbucks so im set for tonight. Yay I hope to blog about her apartment , the move and her house warming!!!!!!She got to chose either an Ipad or a big screen TV! she picked the TV ......................I wanted the IPAD!!!!! until next time peeps.....


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