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Dreaming of Friday

Evening Everyone

Welcome to last weeks' edition of Dreaming Of Friday! I will have it back on schedule now. Im hoping so. I dunno how many calamities I can take. So what did you do last weekend? I cried simply put. Also walked around and chilled in NYC. I was happy you have no idea but it was just a lot . It makes you take your life into account when someone a little younger than you leaves this world. I mean you really get humbled more than you are. I am , and I hope all will go well after this. Here are a few things that ive found around the web that might interest you. 

You know that I am into Japaneses Fashion, I found a cool Magazine that has just that. It ranges from "hip hop " styles to "sweet" styles. I love it its very hard to get. Cant tell you how I have it. 

I am a big fan of Toro Y Moi I saw an interveiw with him and hes too adorable I melt I tell you lol. I could see him as a good friend to hang out with. I have friends like this. Did I mention I seriously love his music?

I would pay to have this dress altered so that certain places would fit properly lol.

I took a quiz , take one also see what you get lol.

What do you think of this dress ?

Must have this skirt for Miami.

Did  I mention that I leave in a month for my graduation trip to Miami. AH lets hope its smooth sailing until and after then. Have a good rest of the week. Until next time.

pic of us in NYC


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