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Dreaming Of Friday

Hey everyone!!

Um I know I have some explaining to do. I am sorrwie I am stressing. I just looked at Refinery 29 and saw all the cool fashion bloggers. So I was thinking: Am I a good blogger?I am not a fashion one, I am all just whatever I feel like saying. I do have a coffee blog and yes of course its dedicated to that. You think Refinery 29 DC or NY would feature me for that? Eh I dont know. So what did you do last weekend? I was locked in doing homework. Hey new classes and a new degree is a challenge lol. I think its a lot better because I am taking managerial accounting so there's no "field work" everything is via a  computer program and I have I think 3 chances to get the question right. Hey my odds of passing is very great. I am an over achiever but, not for this. I am very humbled. I want to be in the Investment field but I tell you do I have to take accounting? I have drama episodes everyday you would be amazed how much of a drama queen I am when it comes to some subjects.

Oh the pain Oh and another thing I just feel like telling : Air has a new album! Yes lord I am so happy! ive been listening to it over and over since this morning. Its called. "Le vouyage dans la lune" Which is in French ( didnt google translate my french is great ) " The voyage in the moon." Im like "dans" means "In" and "la lune" is the "the moon " think of lune as luna easy right? Im like woot! I love them. So I am highlighting a song I think you must listen to.It is called "Who am I Now? Love it!

 I have to say my understanding French amazes me. If you never heard the story I was always told I was bad at it because I was taught Canadian French and its slightly different than France french so I pronounce things a little different. My best friend   can vouch for that, she was in my French class in 9th and 10th grade lol okay so I am listening via "spotify" follow me if you like it would be under my "electronic" heading. I will be purchasing it via their website in mp3 format. They give me a song free for being a fan! lol Im special I know. I hope they come back to the 9:30 club again. I will be there with my bells on and conversational french ready!

Here are things I found off the web.

Michelle Obama wore this coat, got the email this morning. I had to check it out . Its very cute. 

Speaking of which I am in love and can actually afford this coat that was right next to the one above. I will be using my coupons and discounts for this. I tend to look cute in stuff like this! lol

So because of family calamities, my wallet has been screaming because its been stretched. I had to change the way we were going to my graduation next month ( I know its here already!!) We are going via train!. Again my perks are awesome. We will be fed, can move around free wifi and 27 hours to talk out our differences and work stuff out right? yes I said 27 hours. As many times we have done family trips to Orlando you would think I knew; no Miami  is at the tip of Florida so its 27 hours  3 mins. (shoot me) I will tell you more. I tell you this month isnt playing. I got the tickets so its a yes but I still have to get it in my brain that im graduating with honors. Dont worry I will be complaining the whole trip  via post ;they better put me in their blogs now! It was $250 less than a plane so thats good. 

I am a big fan of Anime if you dont know. I will have to put pics of me dressed up. Lol well I am hooked on one that came out last month and Crunchyroll is killing me because they let out 1 at a time. Im on epiosde 5 and im falling over. After this im going to watch it. Its by the same people who made another fav or mine so I guess I have good taste! heres a  site describing  it here.

Okay I have went straw sun hat crazy and nordstrom (or Jcrew if they are back in stock) is where I am getting it from. I will be going in the store for a few last min items. Now here I need you to let me know which one. I like them all but the second one is nice. 
This hat
This hat ( i like this one best)
Or this hat

I also have two bags I want (will never get) but what do you think of this and this one

I think ive spoken too  much today. Until Friday ( I hope) enjoy your week.

Me and my oldest niece when we were 10 months and 6 years old.

And us now (july of last year) lol



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