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Dreaming of Friday


so what are you doing this weekend? I am a nervous wreck , so much stress I think so I think I will be resting this weekend. Catching up on hw and stuff then counting down woot lol . Less than a month from today I will be graduating. Hopefully nothing falls through. When im finally done all the travel plans correctly I can tell you all lol I never knew I was anxious until I stopped this realize how I was feeling when I do certain things. Ah I am a perfectionist given right? Alright until next-weekend I should be more put together then I hope. Here are things found around the web.

I finally got a bodysuit

I do not know where to place my hiragana towel so no one will think its to be used.

Since I may be flying one or both ways ( I keep changing my mind) I ran into a nice site. Its CNN and heres an article that I totally agree with.

I want this, I need this bento box and chopsticks

I also want this chopstick and bento box set. I already asked for it. Its a sure ill get it just send me the link. awww im like read the blog. lol

I want a Japanese Boyfriend ( sorry hunny)

Our Hotel (club level wat !lmao)

chei and jessica lol


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