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Dreaming of Friday


So what will you do this weekend? I am recovering from being sick. Ah and I have been making sure everything is in place for the trip. I should be totally done with all the plans by next weekend. Ah its been a fast week I tell you, I guess I lost track. I was in my own world.  I hope next week is the same I want it so fly I am so ready to leave. Maybe it will get me out of this bad mood im in. Its not really a mood its just a state of being. Im learning that everyone is going to have a take on things that you think its obvious. You just sit back and take it a day at a time. Find little things to make you happy. It makes it easier to cope with. Have a great weekend.

This is what I found around the web.

I could wear swimsuits like this if they just made it a little bigger lol

I will have to use these organizing tips when I move.

I have to say I love Bliss Spas, good thing theres one in DC ! and not so expensive.

I am speechless cus this magazine rocks! I WANT TO BE IN IT!!

Have a great weekend


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