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Dreaming of Friday

Hey Everyone!!

This week has proved to be something else. Its almost over can I make it? Ive been moving a family member out their place because they are moving far away! They want a new beginning after all of the deaths we really are shook up and just take it a day at a time. I was sick the beginning of the week and in the hospital for a day because I had this pain I couldnt explain on the side of my mouth. It was so bad i was screaming and crying. Then it started to swell I had an abscess. Yes im on medication for 10 days so much but I feel sooooo much better. Its one of the teeth I had got a root canal done.The filling fell out and I have been busy I forgot and it sure reminded me. lol I did get a cute video making me feel better (thanks hunny) he was worried about me soo cute lol. 

Well theres a 3 week count down til I leave on my trip . After all of this ive learned a lot of lessons and see things differently.  I hope I get to have a vacation and feel better. I gotta do some last min shoppin running around the Metro DC area but not til the week of lol Until then, what will you do this weekend? I will be resting my mouth is still a bit swollen. i can still have coffee lol. My drink is cold I just sip through a straw.

Here are some things I found around the web. Its a lot on the fun side. Im siked about my trip.

So, I was humbled today and last night because a store I just took for granted now sales plus size swimsuits which is the same brand I wanted. If I would of never read my sorella swimware email I would of never known. I pass Everything but Water all the time in the mall. I have one I like right here

I have two bikini tops I wish I could wear. One goes to a DDD but thats still small lol . The other one IDK what size it is. Have a lookie, I love miu miu great designer 

I found two nice swimsuits also I would try to get them on lol . Heres the first one and the second one

 I also have been reading my emails from places I subcribe to via newsletter and I have a list of places I need to go eat at now in NYC

I got a nice deal for a nice Hotel in south beach but im fine with what I have lol. Maybe ill stay  there in the summer when my sister and her friend goes. 

my sweethearts' cat Rukia 


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