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Mid afternoon all

My niece sent me some pics for my blog, long and behold she sent me a pic of her so I will thought, why not just do it on her, I have been sick and busy so I wont be posting as much until the trip in two weeks. So, here we go. She goes to school waaay in Queens and though she has family that is there , most is in the Bronx which is a lil ride. She also goes out with her friends and such and for once I can say she has a social life. I say hey you are in a cool place why not get the most out of it? Be safe , travel and learn because these years and beyond will teach you how to be more productive and how to live your life better. You can take on situations, handle them and be able to be creative. Being stuck in a runt and not getting out and even just sitting around the dorm and getting into madness will get the best of you and you will just add years to yourself. With all of that said, here is her ride. She knows the subway system very well. I just learned I knew it well also lol

1. My brat
2. The station
3. The tracks

And there you go. It looks cold. lol more power to her!



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