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You and I in New York

So, this is my last post for today I have a seminar in a min! Wait a sec let me log in...(switches web pages) Alright im back! Now lets get on to this post. It was my friends first time in NYC and he loved it ( I think) we was amazed I wish it was longer but he will get to see it in the summer. He loves the pizza and the prices and he can see what I am saying now and how I talk and do the things I do. I feel special because he was happy just to be with me. So he took a few pics lol. I wanna thank him for coming in that sad occasion he was a great help and comfort. Have a look .......

north bronx

 hotel we will b stayin in
 my glove lol
 pen station

 Manhattan @ my cousins house

silly pic (above) lol

early morning coffee baby lol



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