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Hey everyone

I know I am late! Ive soo busy. I have a new job! I hope it all goes well. A Banker woo I am still shocked I got it. I am very thankful and will do all I can to get the job done. So what did you do last weekend? I hung out wit my friend and stayed in a cool hotel( next post) I also did last min shopping for the trip. Do you know im leaving Thursday? The graduation is Sat. Im so siked I cant function lol Time is flying its almost Wed. I have to say I made very last min changes and now im flying both ways! I also had to get a hotel for an extra day so I spent a lil more than I wanted to. Ill be at graduation this weekend so it will be a special post.

Heres what I found around the web.

I found a cool APP I will be using the weekend.

A very different magazine I want.

I am very thankful for this website

Wanting this for my swim collection

PJs enough said.

Until next time

me and my new kate spade glasses wat do u think?


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