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My Trip To Miami:Wandering Around

Hey everyone!!

I know I know you are like "where were you?" well so much have came up but I have great news. I started my new job this week so its hectic at the moment balancing work and school. I know I can do it its just getting back into the groove of things. Now, I promised you Id take pics of the trip and I did I have to do it in four series. Thats how many pics there is. Maybe more not to overwhelm you. So here it goes.  We had a great flight. 

My friend was so funny(he never flew before) but he enjoyed it and the stuff we got on the plane. I tell you our flight was about 2.5 hrs and it went fast there and back. (got ffm too) I loved the weather not to hot but not cold. Wasnt fond of the humility but we got to  go to the beach. (us and everyone else) We caught on to the bus system very quick after a $40 cab bill because of the first hotel we stayed in mis-advertisement. We went to The Element after because I was too through with that hotel before .  So here are some pictures of us wandering around. We used the bus,light rail and train to go to south beach. Those pics are for next weeks blog! Enjoy you weekend. I just got of a few hours ago I will try to enjoy mine til Monday.


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