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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone

I had this one planned to do all week, ive been just blah and stressed out. Lets just say im not fond of my new job. If you know me you know what I am speaking of. I have such a high anxiety level who knows how I do all that I do but on a better note I will catch up again and hopefully be doing this for you everyweek.  So what are you doing the weekend? Eh I need a chilled weekend. We will see.  Here are some things I found around the web.

I found this Dress last night. Soooo cute.

I also feel for this pretty green dress also. I know it wont look like it does up here on me.

I am a huge fan of NYC not only cus im from there, its apartments like these I like to spend time in.

I just found out that I have three locations of the store World Market here. My sister in law always talks about it (shes from Germany but now in Atlanta) and theres a lot in Atlanta and she goes to them . So I will let her know that I am going next weekend. I have a few things I saw online that I will be getting. It all started when I saw a man on the train with a little World Market shopping bag. (im obsessed with them I have too many)

I am getting this and this

Isnt this a cute jumpsuit

I am reading this manga

A cool new car sharing  service.

Unitil next time, enjoy your earth day.


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