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Hey everyone !

Im so glad to be back! I am starting to get off earlier since my hours changed and I could not be happier. Its okay though, I promise to do my best to keep this up today. I am stressing about my not oh so good career or whatever u wanna call it and school. Positivity is only a thought a way you know. Since im back home in the DC area, I can actually visit things that are here that are on Refinery 29 DC website. I always do the NYC one but this is fun because I can say I go there all the time. But I found a few good articles that stuck out to me on their edition. What are you doing this weekend? So many things I will do I hope change will come soon .Have a great weekend

I love Kate Spade and to get my good friend into it I want him to take a look at Jack Spade just a boy version of it. The store is in Georgetown DC lol I love the two models who are showing me hints to point out to my friend. Its via a blog here on blogger. Here take a look. Cute indeed

The second article I found was for me personally. I love these ideas for summer dresses that are my size. I highlighted a few but of course one of the favs is the highest priced  one. Who knew?

Here is the dress. I also loved the one by Miu Miu, if you know me you know I love that designer stuff.

I want to get married a little before 30 ( in soon to be 4 years) Time flies when you are having fun lol *winks* but have you thought of eloping or going to the justice of peace? I would look chic either way. Like these woman here.

So this is what I found that struck me today I am looking around maybe ill do NYC later. I wish I could be a professional blogger along with a mellow administrative/front desk job. Nothing too big, nothing too small. I am a minimalist for heaven sake. later!


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