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Happy Earth Day 2012

I am so happy that today is Earth Day. I am also glad that I do not have to work and its raining. Ive been out all day long. but I have to say I did do some good things for the environment. I used carsharing and I used a very ecofriendly car. So this year I will promise to do ever better and I have a list of things do you? Id like to hear from you .

1. Brush my teeth and turn the water off while doing so.

2. Open the blinds and not use the lamp as much.

3. Turn off all my electronic devices. 

4. Try to charge them all in a timely manner. 

5.Continue to use car sharing and bike sharing. 

6.Teach others to do the same.


Below are my flowers from Whole Foods I tell you they last for such a long time!!!!! I have them for two reasons. One is to remember a person who passed and two is for Earth Day.


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