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My Trip To Miami : Fun In Da Sun

Hey Everyone

AH! ive been soo busy and now I have a cold so im home from work today. I tell you god works in mysterious ways because I was so behind in school work and i was stressing I got sick out of nowhere and had to call out. I need another day cus im still coughing and stuff but you know how some places are. Lets hope for the best ya noe. So I am going to do part two and three and then a dreaming of Friday and lets just have that as me caught up. as far as my coffee blog I found the missing coffee pictures! so I will get on that. Here we go.

You know I visited south beach when I was there. Best time ever! I tell you  I never smiled so much to have a vacation in my life. As you can see in these pictures. Oh we also had very big burritos and other cool food and we drunk ALOT when we were there lol

Miami has now become my new spot that I will try to go to at least once a year. Happy Graduation to me! 


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