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PS  did I tell you that we flew to Memphis? It was a layover that I planned  just to say we went. Okay it was looking a little dry looking as we landed.I was like oh wow I am in the mid west. No one believed us ofcourse.Like what are you doing there, I am like just because I do not know my directions and we ended up here what do you think!? people......

Now lets take a brief moment and go to geography class which im very good at. 

*points laser pointer* okay Memphis is in Tennessee Which is below Kentucky. We flew to the capital, which is city like. 

Yeah their accents were so funny lol I was like yeah im a northerner lol. I guess they could tell cus of the walk and talk and strait-forwardness. Hey I am loved for that I bet if I went back they would love it too. To be honest they did lol.

I got one pic as proof. cus its funny and I was like im not gonna act so tourist ish.


Erika said…
I have never been to Memphis before; but it sounds like a fun city to visit! :)

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