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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey all

I need to be in bed, I have to get up really early for work. I work the whole weekend and im not too thrilled about that. Its the Sunday that is not floating my boat. But thats so another long drawn out story that I can go on and on about. So how was your week? I could have a lot better , hopefully it will come soon. Since you know what I am doing for this weekend, what are your plans? Here are some things I found around the web, enjoy.

My little brother is graduating and he said he wants to work in Computer Science so I looked it up.

Hotel ive heard good things about.

I need these shoes period.

I need the dress to go with the shoes.

If I ever got a Home Loan it would be for the link provided. who needs a house when you can have this.

My younger siblings are getting long boards and I am also lol

One of the many designers I cant get enough of.

Until next time  have a great weekend 


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