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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey Everyone!

I am up this early ive been up and I have no idea why. I am glad I dont have to do banking anymore . No you really have no idea. Some people use to tell me when they switched jobs and that they took a pay drop and stuff but they are happy, I never got what they met. I get it now. I really do. Anywhoo what are you doing this weekend? Well I am actually going to have a productive weekend. I am going later on shopping with my nieces, and then Sunday an Air Show cool huh? Very fun. Those little moments make it worth taking a look at your life and saying "okay lets pick up the pieces and go in the right direction this time, and try not to him too many brick walls. Anywhoo. I got some nice things I found this week. While im shopping for graduation gifts. I have four to buy well four different people. Two are siblings. Then my niece. The other one is my cousin who is very close so hes a brother too lol. Maybe Ill do an Ikea post today since im going there today to get some college dorm stuff. eh i digress. Have a great weekend

A very modern wedding dress

A nice line of clothing that I do not know if I can wear but will try

I want all of these PJs

I new French plus size magzine that is now an instant favorite of mine has a new issue! The creator even emailed me a copy! I have to show love! I wish to be in her mag one day. As soon as I get over not liking pictures or at least just look good in a picture enough to send it in . lol I am ordering a copy of it in print. I have it as a PDF LOVE IT

My friend has been talking about CityEats like crazy . He didnt know what it was until I just stopped and did the research, thanks to I know it all. Its by foodnetwork. You can look at make resevations all around the DC metro area. you have your profile and you rate and review them when you are done. So now if you would excuse me, im making plans for tonight.

A very cool ramen joint in the drinking district of DC that I think we will go check out this weekend. Its called Sakuramen sooo cute. I know ill be blogging about this place.

The other day I road the bus home from Northern Virginia. Remind me to NEVER do that again!!!! this is Georgetown.


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