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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey everyone!!!

*I am on my way out! Kinda on time , I rather be early  lol. Anyhwoo I decided to think about this than to go and do a quick question for class. I am not looking forward to screaming at the screen, hitting my head against my tablet and stuff lol I have found so much this week. I went to DC Scout party night last nite it was cute. I had to leave early but I got the goodie bag and ......drinks and cupcakes!!! lol It was cute I was lookng around for stuff for my little sister as far as clothes wise. Ill find something!!What are you doing this weekend? I am going shopping well taking my nieces shopping. I think my big sissy is coming around. Sounds good right? We are getting the last min stuff because the graduations are the 16th so ill be on the road in a week from today! To see my adorable cousin and little brother graduate. My little sister graduates thrusday I wont be able to make that but I hope theres pics and stuff I hate when I cant make it omg and my niece graduate from kindergarten! oh  they grow up so fast  *wipes eyes with kleenex*Well until next time......heres what I found around the web. * ( THIS WAS LAST FRIDAYS FORGOTTEN POST)

Hey everyone!
This is todays post lol I will be busy tomorrow and be off down south to the graduation! Its been a long time coming and a very pricey trip considering that I am going out of town again in a few weeks. I may have to push it up to July which runs into my NYC Summer time, but I can manage! I love traveling. lol Now I will do double of what I found . About 15min ago I found this dress from Dorthy Perkins. OMG I have to get it, its for work lol. All because I reading Refinery 29s post. Now. Here are those links and some others I found over the two weeks!

Look what they have at Net-a-Porter this week. I LOVE bodysuits and the first one you see also i would love and everything that miu miu makes .

Here is the Refinery 29 post

Here is the Dress from Dorthy Perkins. I am getting it point blank.

I also fell in love with a skirt, yes yes I know wonderful isnt it. 

Now on to anthropologie stuff. I love this dress and this one.

I also read from the same site about a Gin tasting hello world im going lol

And about cool new supermarkets with a twist that I have to visit next week.

Watch this video. if I had the money I would sooooooo move here they sold me with it. Plus I love NYC

Until next time. I have lots more for you to see.

I played stalker aunt and followed my niece through her prom prep isnt she cute? Im glad she had fun.


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