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Dreaming Of Fridays

Afternoon All!

Im actually doing this on time today! LOL I have a big project for school so ah busy! What are you doing this weekend? I found a few good things to check out. Have a look see.

Do you love Ramen ? I love it sooo much there are so many places in NYC theres like two here go figure.

H-Mart has a recipe corner I will try them all. I love kimbap.

Dean and Delcua has so much that I plan to buy next week. One Includes white belly tuna so I can make fish cakes again. They were so good. I only like tuna like that or filet or sushi ones lol. Picky arent I?

Lol for my kids

veev has a new website. Its so easy to find where to get it! If im not near my usual spot.

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I always end up here dont I ? lol

Have a great weekend!!1


LOL. I've loved Ramen since high school. It's not good for you, but hey, it tastes delicious.
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Yes I know I love it I buy it from the market by the box lol

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