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Dreaming of Fridays(Wednesday Edition )

Hey Everyone

So I decided to come and share two weeks of stuff lol. Since im in the traveling mood I found some cool travel things. Oh and since I will be traveling until September. Ill be catching up with my Instagram so Instagram me (@mikkikoftokyo) and check here for updates. I just gotta get settled and such. So what are you hoping to do this weekend? Im chilling out and finding water lol Have a great weekend.

Travel Section

Found a great article just now . I will be following these traveling trips

Want this cute carry on

And this bag also

I have a swimsuit like this.

Articles have ive been reading

I am in love with plus size fashion mags

As speak I just opened the email to read Anthropologie Magazine

Im also reading this I know I am in weddings next year (got pushed up) and I have a lot to go to. They keep looking at me im like uh not now give me a yr or two (and someone to marry lol)

Yes I love articles like these because I find out I do use words like these

Love my Instagram cant wait to update it soon (next week) here you can find how to be a master at it.

Well have a great weekend!!!!!!


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