How two years later feels like yesterday

So its been two years since I've met him and he's a lot I tell you. But he's not a bad guy he's a sweetheart. I've learned more about him over these two years.  So we had a nice outing on this day. I used the capital deal .com to find a place to go out to dinner. The capital deal is a leading call "groupon" or "living social " for instance my deal was you pay 10 dollars and get 20 dollars worth of food.  So using 10 of my credits I did just that.  It was a Mexican restaurant in Columbia Heights, DC. We had fun just relaxing and laughing at the Spanish soap operas lol. We also had a coffee date.  It was a hot day, but hopefully we can make another year, but I'm learning to take baby steps, it's different this time around.  Here are the pics



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