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12 Years of Writing and 4 yrs of blogging.

Hey everyone

I almost forgot to post this. Today is a very special day for me not just its because its my (mid/late twenties) bday its because I have been writing for 12 yrs today! I also started this blog 4 years ago today. I am so very proud and I want to thank you all , I really dont aim to make this into revenue or to even be widely known. I did this to grow up in a writing sense and maybe someone would see how weird i am im very unexplained and im fine wit it. I tend to just say whats on my mind and i also tend to be all over the place. lol So thanks. I really feel accomplished and was told how speical i was. I never saw it but I see what they are saying now. Theres only one me. either you like it , love it or complain and i dont care. until next year....


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