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Dreaming of Fridays ( catch up post)

I know im not gonna even explain lol What did you do this weekend? I had a bad weekend. Yes from the car deciding that it didnt want to start to not doing anything I wanted to do . There was a festival. Didnt go. I had to deal with the car. Now its back to school. work and everything. Its just frustrating now. AhHHH! Now on to some really cool stuff I found.

I just received this in an email. I have to go try this food at a restaurant in the Tribeca Whole Foods. Uh why cant we have that here? Its fine im going to see what the rave is about next month.

Remember I went to the Japanese Super Market in Edgewater NJ. I am in love with the website. Have a look at Mitsuwa

I dont like peach, pink, glitter. But at times there are things that I find in those colors that I really like and this is one of them .I was reading another blog  and saw that it was a suggestion for a wedding party dress. I would wear it. and its my size also so yes much have it. I love this dress.

I have a girl crush finally!!! and ive always liked her but now that shes going beyond The Office and having her new how im syked. I saw her on the cover of New York Times Mag. so I was like yay. Then I read a fav blog of mine A Cup Of JO about here. I love the article take a look: Mindy Kaling.

Lastly, you should check out the assesaries in this site named Yes Asia the link is a sticker I wanna have in my apartment. (whenever I get it) Cute right?

Well I have one more post so Ill see you there. Bellow is my friend and I shes so lovely isnt she


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