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Dreaming of Fridays (Saturday edition)

Hey everyone

I am under the weather yet again. It must be stress doing this to me you know? So what did you do today? I was in bed sneezing , blowing my nose, and cold now im sweating.!!!! Alright heres what I found around the web and I have a cool tatoo pic at the end courtesy of my cousin!

 My new fav fashion mag Vol.up.2 zest mag for this month is amazing as always! Please surport this magazine. Maybe your pics can be posted in her next issue she always post for pics!!  I personally like the underwater pics because I want to do one .

Next up is my store Jcrew.You know I love shopping there. I have fell in love with this coat

So though I go back home to NYC and get my hair blow dryed for little to nothing, theres a salon that is popular there in NYC that is coming here in a month. Eh I know they will be lining up here in DC for the Dry Bar i think ill treat my friend since I never get to get her up to NYC .

So I am in love with these plus size French Designers . I want the white dress, the pencil skirt and the black and red dress id wear it as a wedding dress. And they will make it to your liking and afforadle. Well I found my future wedding source. Forget traditional wedding dresses

Staying on the topic of weddings, I love this post by Refinery 29 I think I will have a half hipster and multi culture wedding. It will be something . But there will be kimchee!!!! and trance music as my first dance.

Lastly, here is the pic of my cousin awesome henna tatoo. I say I have a very different family and I like that. People just dunno unless they have stepped in. It makes me very well-rounded dont you think?

Courtesy of Desi's Hair

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