September: Yoga Month


I love yoga if you know me. If you also know me , I take it. And if you really know me, I am in search for the perfect pair of yoga pants. Ill let you know about it when I get them and take pic of my outfit. I love this month. Sadly summer is over but its cool there's places that are hot year around Ill go visit them. Now, on to yoga.

Here are the pics tell me which one looks better and price wise .



Ann Taylor Loft (love this store)

Lane Bryant

Old Navy

Jcrew Factory

Anthropologie 1 and 2

Okay so price wise im going with the old navy but I like the look of them. But as favs I love the ,Ann Taylor Loft , Anthropologie, Jcrew . I shop at these stores so I really am stuck. . I like them all but I like those two the most. What about you?


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