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Dreaming of Fridays Make Up pt un

Okay okay ima tell you folks who read this and dont follow ask me more than folks who do follow where have I been. Im like I talk to you a lot I see you sometimes, you do not hear from me virtual wiase for like a week the world comes crashing down? Awww I love you all. So I have two parts and this should make it up , then off to do two songs for

 Music Mondays and there Ill be caught up. So what have you been doing the past two weekends? And what will you do this weekend? ME? I have more make up work oh the joy of homework. I also have a fun new job well its fun because it starts 4am which runs into another job and there thats the story of my life. I hope to be like happy very soon, life is getting to hectic for me. Alright heres a lot of what I found around the web. 

I love Living Social. I want to work for their DC office. But for now I just go to the Events I can afford. 

I want a rice maker, this one to exact.

I finally got the okay for SFO. No paying the taxi from the airport to the hotel for me. Why? because of this

I order kimchi your should also.

My lil bro will be going to college next spring. Lookie at his ultimate choice

cocktails enought said.

I think that cheap wine is the best. lol 

Happy past fridays

emiko my hello kitty


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