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Hey everyone a thought came to mind,

Stuck in the middle of nowhere or London cus you were chasing a spice girl concert and only had enough at that time for the flight or you are stuck in dc cus the train stopped and your car is parked in the 
overnight garage waaay on the other side of town? then I have the app for you its called 

Hotel Tonight  book after noon til 2am and use this link and download it for your mobile device its the only way it works. 

Its wonderful I tell you ive used it a lot like a lot its almost my anniversary of having it so I hope I get a little something and I am also going to book just because I can !!! lol But in all it has helped in weird situations and I hope many more to come and also for them to get developers who will make it for Black Berry please because even if I change my phone I still have a tablet that is BlackBerry so get on it folks. 

Until next time.....


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