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Korean Pancakes W/Kimchi

Hey everyone!

You know im a big fan of anything Asian and it doesnt stop with style food is a big part. I am not a huge fan of cooking but I can cook lol. My motto is if it cant be made in under 30 min with out me standing there then it cant be made in my kitchen. (and I love a man who can cook)  lol I love korean pancakes and I finally made some. I am on a kick with them now lol They are good (use regular flour not self rising) but yes here is what i used to make them.

About 2 cups of all pupose flour

Four big green onions


2 eggs

Sea salt


Kimchi (premade)

1 cup water

I made three big ones I cut them up and give some for my friend for lunch and my lunch and for dinner tonight! happy eating!.


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