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Dreaming of Fridays

    So hows everyone doing? What are you doing this weekend? I dunno what I am doing yet I wish it could be something very productive lol. Anywhoo tonight is considered the weekend right? Okay so tonight in about I wanna say 5 hours I am going to DC Week closing party. It was 10 days of very inspirational things such as a key note and a hackaon.!! lol so funny I even saw the mayor of DC speak on how he wants DC to be a tech hub. You know im a New Yorker and im like uh huh as long as NYC stays on top lol. But no really its nice to have tech as I tell others theres always a good and theres always a bad. Stop being so negative  know that there will be some negativity in it and defeat it with positive. Going in knowing but positively knowing is a good thing. Anwhoo I have a lot today!! maybe 8 ish enjoy! 

I had to show you all this wedding, I just read it via another blog I love. I love he colors!!!!! Ill keep this photography company in mind. 

What do you think of this dress 

So my "career" is on the top jobs of 2012  whoo got scared for a moment. 

These Outfits makes me want to fly more so I can get a lot if FFM and trade them in for them.

I think yet again I found what my Aybo-Li Breed

So if you know me I loving cooking channel not food network their sister Canadian channel,  you also know that I love cooking personality Nigella Lawson

Sleep Tips

I am a Blue Cheeselover, who knew they were not all created equal. 

Until next week. Below a pic of me at the key note after party. 


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