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Dreaming of Fridays

Hey Everyone

Its been a long week, but long as it "omi gosh Friday will never get here" just full of conflict. I think I will be going away for the weekend. I was asked to by some friends. I just need to think and get away from folks. Its been a week of realization for me. I am not going to like how it will turn out but some things arent worth fighting for when the other thing(s) isnt on the same wavelength. Anywhoo what are you doing this weekend? I have some cool stuff this week Oh and to mention my fav company creator (Nintendo) is 60 today. wow hes not that old lol But im thankful because I love all things Nintendo  im a fan girl they say lol. Just a composed on. Okay have a look see everyone of what I found.

If you know me I love MIA and her baby is too cute. Anywhoo shes doing a line with Versace

Speaking of Nitendo theres a new Animal Crossing 3DS XL oh and Mario I wanted to weep lol in fact I did lol I want one so bad. At least we will get the Animal Crossing Game for the 3DS....ugh

BHLND have the cutest wedding thigns if you know and I love this email of this link I provided for you all so cute. Im taking notes for the future. Must have the bow bottle stopper. I would get it now and save it.

So, Whole Foods Recipes are the best they even send emails to do budget meals, now thats the best organic gift of all.

If you do not know,sofrito  is a mixture of tomatoes  onions and peppers  there are different variations of it. Each group of Spanish have their own. One is hot, the other is pungent then you have the very subtle strait to point one.

Look at what im putting in to my tea and coffee lol

On some side notes. the mindy project I love im catching up on them and im dying of laughter and how  i like her. Too cute love love my new girl crush. From style to look what is there not to love about her in and out of character  oh and btw target has wifi i was in the dressing room complaining to folks via email  on how their skirts have no stretch and how i went up 3 sized to get them to zipper....look and it makes my butt flat didnt get them lol have a look see.


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