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May Wants

Dreaming of Friday (sunday edtion)

Morning everyone

How did your weekend go?? Im just getting in im tired and its not even noon yet lol . I havent been sleeping well at all!! And not only have ive been busy ive been very busy. So yes I have been collecting things in my bookmark space to show you. Theres a lot actually so I will probably add on then span it over three weeks. Whoo I know its raining and I love it!! I am going out for a walk and a cup of coffee *hence coffee blog update* So without further ado heres what i found this week. 

Here are two things I am actually buying as we speak. 

A great travel bag a speical thanks to Mr. Mrs Smith Hotels for the cool discount. 

Buying my mother and I a tea press from Ikea love love love

Now I have multiple things at one store so bare with me. Evans is the first store.

Next is Norsdstrom 

Leggings  ( on  my list to get very soon)

Last but not least is a cookie recipe 

Have a great weekend bellow is a pic I snapped walking Monday.  


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