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Rum Infused French Toast

Hey everyone

Happy Sunday. Okay now I had posted on a social network that I put rum in my french toast and now I get folks asking me how it is and how to do it. So , blog time! As you know I hate cooking lol So my method is if its not prep-able in less than 15 min and i dont have to watch it then it will not be made. I make stuff and leave it lol Its cheaper to make food then to go out for lunch all the time for me so I make food for the whole week put it in containers and call it a week. Now this is just something i eat like now I just made some and snacking on it lol I took a pic before I started to eat. I will say this its good the ingredients will throw you but trust me . it even smells good. 

*note, i do not measure I do this by eye. Also use flavored rum like Malibu. *

Yields 4 Pieces 

3 eggs

A bit of milk

A bit of sea salt


A slash or more of rum

Sprinkle par. cheese in it too

A little sugar 

Mix it put the bread in coat it fry( i use Irish butter and extra light olive oil for mine) it takes the 3-4 on each side. Done. 

Tell me how it goes


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