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Dreaming of Friday

Yes I am actually doing this on the day of! Granted I'm in bed with a slight on and off toothache.  I'm going to the dentist.  What a long weekend this will be to compare to the long week and yet it's not in a positive tone. I'm happy  listing to Toro Y Moi " Grownup Calls" I heart the new album.  Gotta love being in your mid twenties lol here's what I found around the Web.

I want to buy this Kate Spade Suitcase and take a long vacation.

Best Kate Spade Sale

Spring Hairstyles

I would be crazy,  but I don't care I am buying these Sneakers

Cute Swimsuit

What will you do this weekend?  On a positive note I'm going to see the cherry blossoms. Have a great weekend below is my friend baby shower cake. So cute.  She actually had the baby a month early so I got to see her at the shower!


Erika said…
Ooh, that Kate Spade Suitcase is ridiculously covetable - I want! :)

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