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Late night pondering

So it's easier to post when I have work to do. But I thought I'd share a bit with you.  I'm having an  apartment warming and it's next month. Easy said and done, yet I'm daunted with the task of putting together this and work plus school.  I'm a little behind in school lol tired working all day and ideas all over for the warming.  Eh I have ideas. Indeed I do at least the invitation is out, people are responsive.  Which leads me to my first task : food, though I'm cooking very little myself another issue arises ; food preferences and allergies.  So now a mass email will need sent to justify just that.  Now all I have to worry about are the renting of the chairs and tables because I lack it and decorations, catering and paying rent.  I'll try to explain each one when I accomplish it. Only thing done is the invitation.

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