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May Wants

Dreaming of Friday

Hey everyone.  This one will be long I'm making up two weeks.  So how was the week?  Mine was all over I'm kinda relived its Friday but so much to do come Monday.  It's ever so tiring.  Weekend plans? Uh I wrote my first full rent check. Been a while. I'm just amazed at how crazy expensive things are. Anyway have a great Cinco de Mayo I will try. Here's what I found around the Web.

Swimsuit One and Swimsuit guide

A very cool remembrance of Person one and Person two

I love this Eyelet shirt and this Lime green shirt

A summer must have and winter lol on my list of things to Buy

A quick shout out to Kimpton Hotels for sending me a new Yoga mat I am so enlightened.

One of my favorite artists has a new

I love the wall street journal. Here are two articles !!
Fashion around the world

Yummy Mangos in India

Though I'm not a 2013 (or 14) bride, these are great Ideas

Apartment. Ideas

I think I'll save the rest for next week.  Have a great weekend.  Speaking of which here's a yoga pic.


Erika said…
Congrats on the new yoga mat! I have to start yoga again - right now I do ballet, cardio, and cardio ballroom dancing, but I used to love yoga {it makes you feel incredible}.

P.S. Your yoga look is adorbs! :)
Ah thx. Some workout classes you have there! I'm all into the dance ones like belly dance and African folk dance.

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