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Dreaming of Friday

Hey everyone
Ugh I've had the worst week in a long time. So much so, I'm speechless.  I really dunno what I will do the weekend.  I'm afraid something else will worsen my mood. how was your week? Weekend plans?  Here's what I found around the Web.

I heart Toro Y Moi and this album,  i tell you I relate too well. This song Lyrics like the others are genius.

Swimsuit Crush

My  summer Style

Would you dare and eat these daring Icecream Flavors

 Swimwear  that is nice but not really in my size.

My Persevered Lemons are done hope if still on people like it at my housewarming.

Above is a pic taken last week during our rainy days.  Nice isn't it? 

Have a great weekend. 


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