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Dreaming of Fridays (sunday editon)

So ive had the worse morning. I went to get my hair done thinking its one price they charged me double i had a fit and they took ten dollars off. I was beyond frustrated and it looks the same! I was like never again. I will just go to nyc and get my hair done they do a better job and so much less. I hate it here because of the prices of stuff. Its crazy. Like folks got money to do the same job i can get for like 30 dollars cheaper. Uh well at least its a long weekend. I was going away but I couldn't so i guess I will do homework and cook for the week as I always do. I did get me some things hoping it would make me feel better. I think it will! I was so happy I decided to look in target for the book I found it!!!!!. Heres what I found around the web. Oh and I want to thank for the cool shirt I got a pic below. The site is great I use it a lot when it comes to drinks and recipes.

shhhh look what I got from . Its  kate spade lol i couldnt get the site because you have to be a member but this is the bag I paid nothing near that price. You would be surprised lol Im what do you say economical so im glad I got what I want like 90 percent off.

I love greens so I am going to use these kale recipes. I think I love kale best. I need the iron since im anemic.

This Dress is next on my list to buy.

I am hungry, I have all the ingredients for this yummy dish

Lookie what I think is cool via wsj asia scene



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