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May Wants

Dreaming of Fridays

I was wondering why everyone was saying have a great weekend. I am so behind!!!! So I ran to do this since I have time for once in  my life. I am reading my Mindy Book and taking it easy such a migraine. I love the summer when I can not worry about my hair suffering and not having my chronic migraines. Okay I did find things around the web. some I want some I just read and will want lol What are you doing the weekend hum .......enjoy

Dress thats my price

Though im not a cookie or cake person I do love this Bakery. Its national macaroon day

I am not a breakfast person neither but this  blog has me just wanting these things for dinner.

Scotch yes I would love it.

I love living soical I wish to get a regular job with them! but until then check out these two offers maybe my sister and I will go to .pick one and pick two

Then my friend and I will go to this living social event

If you will excuse me I have my fashion mag to read also I love the pic above


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