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Hey everyone

Just got in from one job and I thought that I would do this because I am in the mood to. I usually am but then you have to find pictures and stuff and then find all the links I like good thing I save them but its between the computer and tablet but I have one right now I got to share. 

Wejetset is a very cool site. I hope it never ends and I always order from there. Now lets take a look at their music part. My fav songs on session 4 is 2-5 9,12,13. i automatically went to these songs they are in my regular music list that I walk around and bop to lol enjoy. 

I have a $10 gift card from belly to eat  at this restaurant

Who knew that Coffee Withdrawls were so serious. 

When I go to Beijing (tell u later) I want to go here

More cool Asian Fashion

Hum....I like this site

What are you doing this weekend. I am getting ready for next weekend I am taking a short holiday! Lookie at my nails . time to get them done again its like two weeks old.


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